14. Sanctuary

Offered for Sale 2012

Big Hole River Wetlands and Wildlife Sanctuary

The 110 acre Sanctuary is located at the northern tip of Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase. It is the end of the short grass prairie in the fertile bottom of Montana’s Big Hole River. Sagebrush, cottonwood and bunch grass welcome anyone who drops by: the Sandhill Crane in March, Bluebird in April, Western Tanager in May, White Pelican in June. In 1805 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark rested the Expedition at the confluence of the Big Hole, Ruby and Beaverhead rivers which mark the beginning of the mighty Jefferson. That rest stop is now Twin Bridges, Montana, a tiny western town hosting ranchers, fishermen and retirees.

CBS News Correspondent Charles Kuralt rested here in 1985, building a 2-room square-cut log cabin on the bank of the un-dammed Big Hole.



In 1987 Charles moved the 1907 Pageville Schoolhouse 6 miles down the dirt road, setting it on the bluff overlooking the cabin, within a stone’s throw of the river. Ken Ryder and Jerry Tollefson spent a year restoring the outside to its original pattern. Inside, they crafted a gentleman’s library, teak and mahogany, marble fireplace.



After Charles’s death on July 4, 1997, 2 guest rooms were added to the bluff.



Below is the view upriver to the cabin from the Schoolhouse deck. The Sanctuary has a three quarter mile frontage on the Big Hole.



And, here is the Sanctuary Picnic Pool where Charles fished.



There are restrictions. No subdividing. No livestock. No commercial. The Sanctuary is a gift to posterity, breathing space for the wild creatures, and those not so wild.

For additional details please email me, Pat Shannon, at: cabinmt@3rivers.net

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  1. What a stunningly beautiful place. I have spent time there twice, and everything Pat Shannon says about it is true. If I were a wealthy man, I would buy it and keep it the Sanctuary that it is.

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