12-26-11 Manifesto






This blog is not concerned with the existence of  God.  That argument, begging the pardon of the late Christopher Hitchens, is a waste of time.  It doesn’t matter one way or the other.  If you accept Darwin’s theory, you accept the proposition that whether or not God exists makes absolutely no difference.  If there is a God, he has turned us over to indifferent evolution.

We are on our own, and we are in terrible trouble, on the verge of losing everything, dragonflies, snow leopards, rattlesnakes, our children, ourselves,  The purpose of darwinsprisoners.co is to scout the territory opened by Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  A few hardy individuals will be sent out to seek clues pointing the way to save the Earth and all its rich diversity of life.  They will check out what we can do with the tools we have, our reason and our wits.  There is a lot to explore.  It is hard to narrow it down, but narrow we must.

Let’s begin with the Ur-problem: population growth, the explosion of homo sapiens.  

7 billion and counting.

The Guardian UK ran a piece on what 7 billion people mean for the planet.  Robert Engelman wrote “The 21st century is not yet a dozen years old, and there are already 1 billion more people than in October 1999.”  It’s a good accounting of what we are facing.  Here is where we start.

  • Proposition 1.   Because no one else will, or can, women must assume the mind-boggling responsibility for curbing the explosion.
  • Proposition 2.   Women must wrest control of their lives from church, state, lovers.
  • Proposition 3.   Science has given women potent weapons in this fight for survival from the morning after pill to abortion.  Those options must be seized.
  • Proposition 4.   Not only pregnancy must be planned, but, and equally important, are the plans for the months and years to follow.

This is a momentous task.  We wander in perilous times.  We show fatigue.  We falter.  We fail.  We cannot quit.  The fate of the world depends upon us.

(Not to worry, lads.   You’re next to be charged with a task.  Start preparing.)

Four women, Lilith’s Child, Camille, Mamaconas, Maire, are our first scouts.  Lilith’s Child will tell her story on Page 1 of this blog on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012.






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