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1-29-12 Explorer

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Our Third Explorer





Every other Sunday morning we pour a leisurely cup of coffee, let our toast grow cold, as we sink into a favorite armchair, and prepare to watch, from a safe distance, Darwin’s prisoners cut trails through a new land.  The scouts are untrained, one more conscious than another.  They hack their way through the underbrush, avoiding or embracing danger, following a moral compass whose needle spins dizzily.

On January 15 we met the steady, loyal Elizabeth, our Mamaconas, pursuing her destiny without faltering to its end, and on the first day of the New Year we watched Lilith’s Child who stands outside her life, rueful, questioning.

Camille, the third explorer in Darwin’s unchartered territory, views life with a cynicism startling for someone so young.  Caught in Darwin’s net, the broad expects nothing, and casts coolly about for the knife that will set her free.

We go, now, to Page entry 4:   “The Broad.”

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