2-26-12 Lament

Sobbing Superpower:  Selected Poems 

Tadeusz Rozewicz*   (Translated from the Polish by Joanna Trzeciak)





I am twenty
I am a murderer
I am a tool
as blind as a sword
in the hands of an executioner
I’ve murdered a man

Maimed I saw
neither heaven nor rose
nor bird nor nest nor tree
nor St. Francis
nor Achilles nor Hector
For six years
fumes of blood gushed from my nose
I don’t believe in water turned to wine
I don’t believe in the forgiveness of sins
I don’t believe in the resurrection of the dead


*Note:  “In 1944, when Tadeusz Rozewicz was twenty-three years old, already a member of the anti-Communist Home Army that had been fighting the Germans since 1941, his older brother was murdered by the Gestapo and his body, with those of many other resistance fighters, was carted through the streets while Rozewicz stood watching.”  Charles Simic, NYRB, 12-22-11







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