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2-23-12 Liberals

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Wishy, Washy Liberals



Members of the far right are a staunch bunch.  They know what God wants, and are not shy about telling the rest of us what that is.  The poor are lazy and do nothing but clutter the sidewalks.  Union members are are a blight to the economy with their demands for a bigger share of the pie.  Unwed mothers made their bed and now must lie in it, never mind the contraceptives. The wealthy are the cream of the crop and deserve the vast subsidies the government shells out.  And, scientists!  Well, they are beyond the pale.  Making things up to bedevil the saintly.

Liberals, on the other hand, are are a wishy-washy bunch, reluctant to point out the obvious, eager to give each fool his day.  They begin sentences by saying, “the evidence appears to point . . .”, and end their perfectly reasonable utterances with a weak, “. . . of course, that is only my opinion.”   Stalwarts longing for a smidgeon of truth in public discourse are reduced to turning to our English speaking cousins who are not afraid to shout: “The emperor has no clothes.”

The Guardian of London routinely runs stories on the seriousness of climate change.  On the front page.  Imagine!  A recent piece on Michael Mann’s soon to be released book on Exxon’s support of the Heartland Institute is a good example.  Heartland has spent millions on conferences attacking scientists, and, sinking to a new low for science debunking, disseminated anti-science projects to kindergarteners.  That’s right, kindergarteners.  If you haven’t time to wait for Mann’s book, The hockey stick and the climate wars:  Dispatches from the front lines, check out the Guardian story.

The Aussies tie with the Brits when it comes to looking reality in the face.  A funny no-holds-barred blog by a young grad student, The Caudal Lure: Rants on all things science, religion, philosophy and politics, gives an insight into the young world of evolutionary biology.  Pete Darwin sums up a wide ranging world view in a few lines: “I’m a post-grad evolutionary zoologist who’s also a passionate atheist, secularist, anti-theist, christ-mythicist, humanist, and all the rest. I’m passionate about all things science and the main reason I created this blog, alongside being about to rant about all things philosophy, politics, atheism and religion, was to propagate the magic of science!”

Caudal lure refers to a viper’s wiggling of his tail to attract the unwary to a dinner party of his own devising.

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