12-23-12 Joy to the World


Cabin Record Book, Big Hole River, Christmas 1988

“P. and Wanda came early for Christmas, Robley and Shannon, J.R. and Kathleen followed, and C. arrived Christmas night after doing Sunday Morning.

“An early cold spell. At least 13 below on the coldest night, and on one day, barely above zero for high. Sparse snow covers the ground. Skittish pheasants abound. Deer come to feeder in groups of five or six after sundown. We all have seen bald eagles flying along river.

“Today, P., J.R. and I make tape measurements for P.’s garden design project for the cabin. Tomorrow, we will do the same for the schoolhouse. Schoolhouse ceiling is in, and very fine. We must make decisions about stain color, fireplace, stair and floor. Ken Ryder will come tomorrow.”

The Happiest of 2012 from The Sanctuary Crowd


Black Bear, cinnamon phase; Bobcat; Pronghorn (American Antelope); Snowshoe Hare; Phalarope.

Comers and Goers

Sandhill Cranes; Myotis Bat; Striped Skunk; Raccoon; Mink; Beaver; Yellow-headed Blackbird; Western Tanager; Mule Deer, Moose; Bluebirds; Cedar Waxwing; Killdeer; Osprey; White Pelicans; Oregon Junco; American Kestral; Clark’s Nutcracker; Yellow Warbler; Robins; Swallows; Lazuli Bunting; Western Wood Pewee; Long Billed Curlew; Bullock’s Oriole; Pied-billed Grebe; Butterflies; Bees; Damselflies; Wasps; Insects of wide variety.

Comers and Stayers

Whitetail Deer; Least Chipmunk; Muskrat; Blue Heron; Red-Winged Blackbird; Mallard; Rough-legged Hawk; Raven; Rattlesnake; Blackcap Chickadees; Belted Kingfisher; Bald Eagles; White-tailed Jack Rabbit; Downy Woodpecker; Hairy Woodpecker; Red-shafted Flicker; Great Horned Owl; Deer Mice; Packrat; Ring-necked Pheasant; Turkeys; Whitefish; Brown Trout; Canada Geese; Mergansers; Bufflehead; Magpie; Finches; Sparrows; Ants.

Lost in Battle

Porcupine; Coyote; Red Squirrel (uncertain); Meadowlark; Pine Gopher Snake; Garter Snake; Frog; Turtles (uncertain); Harlequin Duck.

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