12-30-12 Tempus edax rerum*

*Everything is transitory.  (Ovid)

It is a great pleasure for Darwin’s Prisoners to announce the selection of Man of the Year:

Luke Kelly, Irish Folksinger and Ballader, 1940 – 1984

In our time of gated communities and vacant celebrity, authenticity was Luke’s greatest gift. Luke, as all knew him, had no interest in fleeing from his world. He embraced it. Loved it. Took laughter and happiness as a right. He was wild and passionate without losing his moral core.  Ronnie Drew, the first of the band which came to be known as The Dubliners, said: We had a ten year party. A closet intellectual, Luke showed his political colors in the way he lived.  As, to the chagrin of many, we all do.

Some of you may have listened to Luke here on dp.co. The early Scot ballad, Corrie Doon, when his voice was young and pure. Raglan Road with Patrick Kavanaugh’s lyrics. The performances below from three periods of his life recognize Ovid’s truth. The Monto is a 1970 gem from Talk of the Town. A concert in Germany in 1976 is an acappella The Auld Triangle. From his last public appearance, the poignant Night Visiting Song, 1982.

dp.co is saying goodbye with this post. I began the blog as a an experiment, a way to escape Trotsky’s “circumscribed I.” Comments and poems and music were thrown out as by a hostess at a sagging dinner party to enliven the conversation and lead to often surprising corners of thought, thus the single category, Interplay. Success, I judge, was intermittent, but the time spent, for me, great fun. My heartfelt thanks go to all of you who took precious moments from busy lives to read some of the posts, comment and email. Tempus edax rerum.


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  1. Auld Lang Syne, my dear, auld lang syne. I will miss reading your posts — some of which I did not understand –but then I have never understood you, dear sister. We have traveled different roads, you and I. And where we will land — who knows??

  2. Norman Krandall

    Dear Pat,

    I will miss your incites on animals, nature, and the world in turmoil.

    Keep your spirit … it’s much needed.

    Norman Krandall

  3. I agree with Norman – your spirit is much needed! Thank you for introducing me to such wonderful music. Luke Kelly was amazing.
    Happy New Year, dear Pat. And maybe another blog some day?

  4. I have been so proud of the work you’ve done with this website. You have done a lovely job and offered your unique voice to the this new media. It has been a pleasure helping you along the way.

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